The Center Student

Once students enter into the Northwood Center program, they are no longer referred to as campers for good reason.  Our students are in a far more curriculum driven program designed to help them, over the course of seven weeks, make great strides towards independence.  

In order for students to be considered for participation in The Northwood Center, they must have demonstrated a certain level of functional development in settings outside of their homes.  Criteria establishing minimum levels of development in the areas of Activities of Daily Living, Behavioral Demeanor and Social Development have been established to help families not only determine the preparedness of their children for the Northwood Center program, but also to serve as a guideline that can be used in conjunction with school districts in order to establish goals that can be addressed within each student’s IEP.

When families begin to consider the transition to The Northwood Center, they must take into consideration that the very nature of the program is based on the presentation of an extremely different set of goals than those of our more traditional Camp Northwood program.

Independence and life skills play a far more important role in the Northwood Center’s curriculum.  In creating programming to address the development of these goals, much of the social/recreational experience of “Camp” is diminished, substantially altering the basic summer program experience.   

Without having achieved a basic level of development as outlined below, as well as possessing a clear understanding of the nature of the Northwood Center’s objectives, transitional challenges can develop diminishing the quality of the program for our entire Northwood Center community of students.

Required Minimum Skill Level Consideration:
  1. Activities of Daily Living:
  • 100% independence with showering/ toileting and care of personal hygiene, other than shaving.
  • An independent awareness of personal and environmental safety issues as well as an ability to articulate safety concerns.
  1. Behavioral Demeanor
  • Desire to become independent
  • No oppositional defiant or aggressive behavior directed at peers or staff
  1. Social Capabilities/ Independence
  • Must be able to function successfully within environment of 3:1 staff/student support ratio
  • Must demonstrate a willingness to share community space as well as living space with a roommate.  Must be able to demonstrate sensitivity to the privacy and needs of others living in community environment.
  • Must demonstrate a level of receptive and expressive language that enables the student to interact and contribute to social and academic experiences.

This limited list of prerequisite skills is designed to establish a minimum level of functionality for students entering into The Northwood Center program.  Because of our ability to modify our curriculum and create instructional tracks, varying academic levels can be accommodated within our program.  It has been our experience that if students have achieved these basic prerequisite skills, the quality of their experience within The Northwood Center is greatly enhanced as well as that of the entire Northwood Center community.

Please feel free to call our office in order to discuss the appropriateness of The Northwood Center for your student.