“This family found a unique team that could continue the year’s progress in an important way; all the while his yearlong team could be rejuvenated from the respite time.  Only families of such a camp as Northwood could understand the quality of care which our campers have been privileged to enjoy”

– Mike and Patty Keppler

 “How can you accomplish in 7 weeks what a high school cannot in 10 months is one of the great mysteries of Asperger’s Syndrome.  I always receive a new and improved son! In his words, ’I am happier there than in any other place in the world’”

– Linda Rietschel


“Three weekends ago, Sean spent the weekend at Jack’s house. It was the most wonderful weekend for each young man.  When Jack’s Mom dropped him off, her ear-to-ear smile made me realize that not only did I make the right choice in sending Sean to Camp Northwood, he may have made a lifelong friend.”

– Rich White


“We cannot thank you enough or put into words the amount of thanks and great gratitude we have for you all.  From Erin’s very first summer to her final 7th last summer the Northwood Camp experience has meant so much to her! Northwood has truly helped her become her best self possible.  She started off camp as a shy quiet little girl and thanks to Northwood and all of it’s great staff she’s moving on a more outgoing, fun, and sociable young adult.  She’s made a lifetime of great friendships and will cherish her Northwood memories forever.”

– The Rosenblatt Family


“I wanted to share our most favorite bunk reply from Hannah.  It’s a note she addressed to her grandparents. This note confirmed that we made the right decision to send Hannah to Camp… ‘Yesterday we had a cowboy western dance! It was so much fun!  I danced the whole time!  For the first time at a dance I felt like I fit in!  It was so much fun and the good thing was no one judged me, the way I danced!”

– The Rich Family


“Thank you for changing Luke’s life.  Your camp has made such a positive change on him.  Just to see him happy everyday and making friends brings tears to my eyes.  Thank you for being so supportive to our family.”

– The Timmons Family