Camp Northwood


Camp for Autistic Spectrum Campers?

Summer vacation for students on the autistic spectrum can be extremely challenging at best.  The lack of routine and structure during the summer increase general anxiety, while a lack of social and recreational programming can further isolate children already trailing…

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The Unique Construction of Children

Even the most flexible of us have no option but to bring our own singular experience and perceptions to the table as we conduct our affairs on a day to day basis. All too often as adults we have an…

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Emphasis on Social Development

     The child/mentor relationship between campers and counselors in a quality summer camp is quite different than that of students and teachers in most school settings.  With the emphasis placed squarely in the social/ recreational realm, summer camp staff…

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The Lost Art of Play

I do not remember a day from my childhood during which I was not running around outdoors.  Jumping on my bike and riding a few miles to a friend’s house or school, exploring the ravines and fields of our community,…

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