Step-by-Step Application Process

Camper Application Process:

In order to determine if Northwood would be a good match for your child, we are committed to providing inquiring families with an opportunity to exchange information with our director.  Not every camp works for every camper and it is critical to assess a camp’s ability to meet your needs and those of your child.  The more information that a family can provide regarding their child’s strengths, challenges and unique attributes, the more likely they will be to find a good camp placement.  Providing current IEPs, psycho-educational reports and other evaluations can prove to be a critical aspect of this information exchange.   The following steps will initiate Northwood’s enrollment process:

Step #1 Call Camp

Give Gordie, our director, a call in the camp office:  315-831-3621.  This call begins the conversation and addresses many of your questions about Camp Northwood.  It also provides Gordie with an opportunity to gather some preliminary information about your child.  Together we can determine if Northwood could be an appropriate program to pursue for the coming summer.  


Step #2 Schedule an Interview

Arrange for an interview with Gordie.  This interview gives families a chance to meet the person responsible for the well-being of your child while attending camp as well as provides an opportunity to see photos, ask questions and get a more comprehensive understanding of the Northwood program.  The interview process gives us an opportunity to get to know each and every perspective camper and assess our ability to meet their needs.  Interviews typically take place in NYC over weekends throughout the school year and can last between 60-90 minutes.  For families from afar, this interview can take place via a Skype or Facetime video call.

Upon the completion of the interview, we will be able to let you know whether there could be an appropriate group placement at Northwood for the coming summer or if we will need additional information to make a placement decision.  

Step #3 Reference Checking & Registration

Following the interview process, if Gordie feels that we can provide your child with a successful summer experience, he will provide you with registration agreements and references of other children that would be potential bunkmates of your child.  Northwood will reserve placement for accepted campers while parents check references and determine their summer plans.  In order to secure a summer placement, families are required to submit a completed registration agreement and tuition deposit.