Special Events

Each summer our Northwood campers experience a number of special events that bring variety and add to the fun to their summer adventure.

Additionally, each cabin takes a number of trips off campus as part of their summer schedule.  These trips mix up the routine and also provide shared social experiences off-campus for cabin groups. Cabin trips involve a visit to our local bowling alley, camping on an island in the middle of our lake, relaxing at a nearby state park and perhaps a trip to the local ice cream stand or blueberry farm.

Our staff maintain Northwood’s supervision policy throughout each trip ensuring that each camper is under the watchful eye of a counselor 100% of the time. Furthermore, an American Red Cross Responding To Emergencies trained staff member accompanies each group.

Summer 2018 Event Schedule

July 23rd 2018- Court Jesters

August 8th 2018- Water Safari

TBD- Rock Star Camp


Water Safari – The Enchanted Forest, Old Forge, NY
Water Park 3

Water Safari, the largest water park in NYS,  is located about an hour away from Northwood.  Once a summer the entire camp packs up onto yellow school buses and heads north for a day at the Water Park.

Highlights include slides like “The Curse of the Silverback”, Group tube rides like the “Amazon River”, as well as the Lazy River and many dry rides.  There is something for everyone!


Rock Star Camp!

We are joined annual by the “Rock Star Camp” program – a live rock band that performs with the campers!  The program is live karaoke and cabins select a popular song to perform with the band.


The Court Jesters

The Court Jesters have been visiting Northwood for the past 30 years!  The basketball game is a friendly rivalry between the Jesters and Camp Staff, held in our indoor basketball court.