Social Skills Instruction

A person doesn’t learn to play baseball in a classroom, they must hone their skills on the field.  Individuals do not learn social skills in an isolated setting, they must have opportunities in a safe environment to practice and refine their skills.


Providing opportunities for the development of social skills is the core of the Northwood Philosophy.  Training staff to incorporate our intentional approach to social skills development enables counselors to use traditional camp activities as the vehicle for which we address the acquisition of social skills. The pillars that are the foundation of Northwood’s social skills curriculum are:

  • Formalized Instruction addressing a wide variety of social pragmatics
  • The on-going social dialogue between campers and counselors enabling campers to receive immediate feedback reinforcing or redirecting social skills strategies
  • Providing opportunities to apply social skills in realistic social settings


Northwood’s social skills staff are trained to provide differentiated instruction dependent on age, expressive and receptive language levels and social sophistication. Furthermore, the curriculum is created to address varying skills sets dependent on social settings and peer groupings.

Our goals are to provide campers with a social immersion experience that maximizes their opportunity to be members of a rich social environment in which everyone is accepted, respected and given the opportunity to develop more age-appropriate social skills.


Sample Curriculum Themes:

  • Self-Advocacy
  • Interpreting Social Situations/Environments
  • Developing Common Interests
  • Conversation Skills
  • Interpreting Verbal/ Non-Verbal Social Cues
  • Developing Emotions Vocabulary