Dining Services

The entire Northwood Community comes together for meals, served “family style” three times daily.  Campers sit with their bunkmates and counselors at an assigned table inside the dining hall.  It is an important touch point during the day for announcements and socialization.


Lynn Pitta & Maria

Our dining services are run by Lynn Pitta who has been cooking for the Northwood Community with her family for 35 years!  She’s known for her homemade pasta sauce and for ensuring that all campers and counselors have access to a diet that accommodates their unique needs.

Dietary Needs:

As part of our registration packet, we ask that all families complete a dietary information form.  This allows us to prepare for special diets and create plans for food allergies.  In addition to special diets, we recognize that many of our campers have sensory sensitivities and/or anxieties related to food.  Our kitchen staff work with families to accommodate these unique needs.  Families who wish to provide supplementary food or dietary assistance may send items to camp and they will be kept in a safe location (such as favorite snacks/ preferred GF/DF brands/ protein supplements, ensure etc…).  

Gluten Free: Every meal and snack has a gluten free option, in line with the main course served at the meal.  

Dairy Free: Northwood prepares a dairy free option for all meals and offers dairy alternatives such as Rice milk and soy milk for all meals.  

Vegetarian: Northwood provides vegetarian options for all meals that reflect the main course served.  We also have a full salad bar available to all campers and staff during lunch/dinner.

Food Allergies: Northwood works directly with families to create comprehensive plans for food allergies.  Our staff have experience working with campers with allergies.  Camp Northwood takes part in the NYS Auto-injecter (Epi-Pen) generic program.  All our staff receive extensive information about campers’ dietary needs and work closely with our kitchen staff to ensure those needs are met.

General Health: At the request of individual families, our Health Center is happy to maintain a weight log for campers over the course of the summer.  All food is served by counselors to ensure appropriate portion control and healthy variety of diet.  Northwood strives to work in a collaborative fashion with families and are happy to maintain dialogue over the summer to assure the health and well-being of our camp community.


Routine provides our campers with structure as well as the opportunity to engage as a community. Lunch and Dinner are followed by Counselor Announcements.  This is a portion of the day where counselors are able to highlight cabin/camper achievement.  Linked to our philosophy of providing social opportunity, announcements are a time to positively reinforce the use of social skills and group achievements throughout the day.  Embedded in announcements are familiar call and response patterns, for example: “What a day, What a day, What. A. Day.” that are tied with the tradition of camp.  

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