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Camp Northwood
132 State Route 365
Remsen, NY 13438-5700
315-831-3621 – Phone 

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27 Comments on “Contact Us

    • Our Camp Northwood program serves children ages 8-18. At The Northwood Center, we work with young adults 16-21. Please feel free to contact our office with any additional questions. 315-831-3621

  1. i was a camper at camp northwood from 1978-84 and i had a great time at camp northwood is jim & kristy rein still around?

    • Donna and I (Gordie) took over camp in 1989 and have been directing the program ever since. We are still in close contact with Jim & Kristy. They are well and will always part of our Northwood family!

      • Hello, I attended Northwood as a camper from 1978-83. I was interested in visiting the camp next summer. Would this be allowed? I have such fond memories of those summers! Thank you for your time. Steve

      • Hi Steven,

        We often have former campers and staff stop by during the summer season for a visit. I am always amazed at the long lasting bond that so many feel to Camp Northwood! As the summer approaches, please give us a call in the office and we can set up a time for you to visit. 315 831-3621

        Hope to see you in ’15!

  2. Hi, Wondering if you will be having any OPEN HOUSES?
    My son will be 16 in March. Thanks, Tracia Walzer

    • Thank you for your interest in Camp Northwood. I routinely meet with perspective families to review the Northwood program as well as get a sense of our ability to provide a quality summer experience for perspective campers. These meetings often take place in New York, Boston or other sites on the East Coast and at that time I share photos, describe our unique programming and can provide references. For families from further distances, I set up a video conference so that this same information can be exchanged from afar. Please feel free to call me in the camp office for more information. I can be reached at 315 831-3621.

    • We have just partnered with the American Camp Association to create a scholarship program that we are hoping will help make Camp Northwood more affordable to a broader group of children. If you would like to discuss the possibility of your child attending Camp Northwood, please give us a call in the office 315 831-3621, or email us at:

  3. Hi I`m a 7th grader that goes to a school called Mount Markham. I know my friends sister has severe autism but cant afford most special need summer camps. I know I`m young but I would like to do some sort of fundraiser that would benefit special need kids that want to go to the camp and give the camp publicity with your help. Thank you for your time.
    Sincerely, Nicole

    • Hi Nicole- Thank you for your interest in our program and thank you for being such a great advocate for your friend’s sister! We need more young adults out there that take an interest in those peers with special needs. I would encourage you to put your energies into helping others (both students and adults) realize what a unique population of people are all around us, yet being excluded from many activities of “normalcy”. If your friend’s family would like to call my office, I’d be happy to speak with them about summer camp opportunities for their daughter. All of my contact information can be found on our website.

  4. I love your idea. i have a 15 year old that has aspergers and am scared to death that he will be on his own. we live in ohio and i am a single mother so new york is to far for me to go. can you please let me know of any camps like yours here in ohio? my son would love to go to a camp like yours. thank you for any help you can provide!!!!!

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your interest and comments! Unfortunately, I am not aware of other programs in Ohio that strive to meet the needs of our unique population as we do at Camp Northwood. However, we do have campers from across the country (and around the world) that come to Northwood during the summer. We schedule phone calls so that parents can speak with both their campers the counselors working with their children, post photos and do everything we can to help parents feel connected. If you would like, I can provide references of families that have come from outside of New York so that you can hear them talk about their experience with Northwood. Please call my office at 315 831-3621 if you would like to hear more.

    • Thank you for your interest in our programming. Because of the time of year, I conduct most interviews for Northwood either in NYC or via Skype. We are still buried under snow and there is not much to see outside of some gorgeous winter scenery! We do have some scholarship dollars available and work with families to make our programming affordable. For more information, please give us a call in the camp office. 315 831-3621.

    • Hi Chris. Yes we do. You would be surprised at how many staff are still here working with us. There is also a next generation of talented educators onboard that are spearheading many of our program areas as well.

      I hope all is well with you!

    • Hi, Thank you for your interest in Camp Northwood. We are a private independent camp with only our one location in Central New York. However, we do have campers come to Northwood from all across the country and around the world! If you would like more information pertaining to our programs, please feel free to either call (315) 831-3621 or email: I would be happy to spend as much time as you would like discussing opportunities that Northwood may be able to provide. Gordie

  5. Is there any catalogs or pamphlets available that can be mailed to me so I can show my son and family the program available to him?

  6. Is your camper population primarily diagnosed with PDD or do you have a mixed bag including anxiety disorders?

    • Our camper population is comprised of campers of various classifications that all benefit from being in a structured, routine driven environment with plenty of guidance/supervision and a non-competitive approach to programming. We have many campers on the higher end of the autistic spectrum, children with attention deficits, verbal and non-verbal language processing weaknesses and generalized anxiety disorders along with other classifications that inhibit social success in a more neruotypical summer camp setting.

  7. Hi. Hi. I have 14 yr old son. Who i think would definitely benefit from your camp. He has aspergers. I cant seem to get more info about the cost,dates etc.
    Could you please mail it to me.

    Thank you, Doreen C Massey

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