Communication with Families


Communicating with families is an integral piece of the Northwood Community.  The nature of our small, family-run program, means that our families know that when they call the Main Office at Camp, they are speaking directly with staff who know their child on an individual basis.  


20643281_1285876588207475_3964196851350704908_oCommunication with the Director

Gordie is available to speak to families about programming, transitions, and to provide observations from his interactions with campers over the course of the summer.  He works on site year-round and often works with families and schools communicating about the Northwood program.  

Each day in the summer, Gordie or a senior administrator posts a blog detailing daily events.  He also posts between 100-200 photos each evening from the camp day.  We use a password protected system to allow families access to the camp blog and photos.  

13613638_921752067953264_2814824352497399564_oCounselor Communication

Prior to the start of the summer.  Each family will receive an introductory call from the team leader of their child’s cabin.  The team leader is a returning counselor who provides leadership in day to day cabin operations.  Every other week the team leader will call home to provide anecdotes from summer, answer questions, and generally communicate with families to best support the campers in their cabin. 

Camper Communication

Every other week campers have a scheduled phone call with their families.  We also operate using the Bunk1 System that allows families to email into camp.  We encourage letter writing and frequent communication with home!  Many campers bring self-addressed envelopes and our staff provides support to track letter writing.

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