Each Northwood camper participates in a formal academic program five days per week for one hour each day. The entire camp population participates in the academic programs: no camper is ever singled out for special tutoring or removed from another activity for academics. Campers work in a small group setting ranging from a one-to-one tutorial to no more than a group of three campers with an assigned tutor. Using input from schools and parents, individually designed programs are created to meet the academic needs of each camper. Reading comprehension, math reinforcement, creative writing, independent reading, handwriting skills are all areas commonly addressed within the Northwood academics program.


The use of academic skills is also integrated into the overall camp program whenever possible. Calculating one’s batting average, working at the camp store, and writing a script for a dramatic production on stage, radio, or video are invaluable and motivating ways to encourage academic development. The development of language is also incorporated into all aspects of camp programming, specifically in areas relating to social situations and peers.


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